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About Us

The Founder and Inspiration of Senior Paper Corporation is Tom, Sr. Tom Sr. has been in the Paper Industry for over 50 years. He started his paper venture with Zellerbach Paper Company in 1959 working in the warehouse. While working his way to the top, Tom Sr. added Nolland and La Salle Paper Companies to his paper venture. In the Early 1970’s a company named Gleason Industries in Southern California wanted to get into paperboard sales. Gleason Industries was a large Folding Carton printer with two of their own sheeters. Tom Sr. and Gleason Industries were one of the first to sell custom size sheets with small minimums so that local printers could thrive and succeed in a growing Industry. For over 30 years both Tom Sr. and Gleason Industries thrived. They did so well, they opened another paper company called “NOW PAPER” in which Tom Sr. became part owner and operated out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

A turn for the worst came in the early 2000’s, when Gleason merged with Now Paper and sent Tom Sr. packing for early retirement. Still in his early 60’s and with lots of fight still left, Tom Sr. went to work with long time rival BMX now known as PPT. This venture was short lived and Tom Sr. left BMX to put his own ideas to work. With many of Gleason’s old employees looking for a job due to lay offs, Tom Sr. decided to start “Senior Paper Corporation”. With Lots of Friends and Family in the paper industry, we held a meeting with friends and former employees to get Senior Paper to a running start. Senior Paper was founded in Family and Friendship since 2004.